Going “Green”

Much has been written, said, filmed, and sung about going green.  In a nutshell, going green means taking steps to nurture and protect our planet beyond what society considers normal.  Some people do what to many is considered the “bare miniumum:” they recycle cans, paper, metal, and glass.  This is a wonderful thing, and every little bit adds up.

In the middle are people who really make strong efforts to make an impact, taking “reduce, reuse, recycle” a few notches higher.  Women may use cloth menstrual pads or reusable menstrual cups; families may work together to grow food, save rainwater, make their own cleaning products, etc.  These (and many other) additional steps are wonderful and again, every little bit adds up!

There are people who take it a step further, and I admire this particular family greatly.  The Dervaes family are making a huge impact on lightening their load on the planet, and they are among the kindest people ever!  No pretentiousness here; none of the pushy (and often offensive) behavior associated with heartfelt environmentalists.  They set the standard for what can be done, and they encourage others to do what they can.  Nobody is put down or told they’re not doing enough, and I have so much respect for how Mr. Jules Dervaes makes sure that people understand that the incredible homestead that he and his family have created took years to accomplish.

Please take 15 minutes to watch this award-winning film.  I promise: it is worth your time!

Lib Says: In all things, baby steps.  Do what you can.  Be inspired.  Do more when you can.  Encourage others with love and grace to do their part too.  It all adds up.

Lib Wants To Know: What do you do to care for our planet? Let’s share some ideas!




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