Pajamas Should NOT be Worn in Public

Over the past few years, one cannot help but notice the number of people who wear pajamas in public, namely pajama pants, and I’m not just talking about the People of Walmart.  Fully grown adults, teenagers, tweens, you name it; pajamas in public.  This is not only in bad taste, it is also a sign of the times in which people are feeling mighty down and have little motivation to put themselves together.

Case in point.  No doubt the drivers are distracted by these hot-pink horrors:

Once a person moves beyond the toddler set in age, pajamas in public looks just plain ridiculous.  If you are sick and you need to make a pharmacy/vitamin run, put on some proper bottomwear such as pants/jeans, get your stuff, and go home and change.

TIP: You can leave your pajama top on if you cover it with a jacket!

Lib Says: Society has moved very far away from the “Leave it to Beaver” times in which ladies dressed up in public: dresses/skirts & blouses, gloves, pearls, well-groomed.  Men wore suits, and often hats.  Though we need not go to this extreme dress today, we do need to keep a measure of dignity and even femininity.  Lib LOVES her pajamas, and will one day be cremated in them, but she also believes that they ought to be left at home when one is in public.





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